Joe MacMillan, ladies and gentlemen.

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10 WTF Google Autocomplete Search Fails, Illustrated

Books are like the heavily curated thoughts of good writers.

- Entrepreneur James Altucher offers a beautiful definition in discussing the difference between books and blog posts in this altogether stimulating and wide-ranging conversation with Tim Ferriss. (via explore-blog)

Amazon is not evil, but it is ruthlessly, ruthlessly efficient,” said Andrew Rhomberg, founder of JellyBooks, an e-book discovery site. “As consumers, we love Amazon’s efficiency and low prices,” he said. “But as suppliers, it is a toad that is hard to swallow.

- Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed - (via infoneer-pulse)

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Chinua Achebe on the meaning of life and the writer’s responsibility in society in a 1994 interview


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Don’t settle for the Moon Original:



Blocks Modular SmartWatch prototype detailed at a event in London

Blocks is a U.K. company aiming to build modular smartwatches that can better suit the needs of wearable buyers looking to modify their gadgets to best suit their needs. And now the company has already demoed an early prototype of its Blocks modular smartwatch at a Bluetooth Special Interest Group event in London.

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Even if I wanted to sell my CDs, I probably couldn’t, and I actually like that, too. Used CDs are worth virtually nothing now. But the upside of this is that you can buy older albums on disc for virtually nothing. I’m sympathetic to arguments that Amazon is an evil empire, but I must admit to conspiring with the enemy to build my collection of Miles Davis and Joni Mitchell albums, at prices much lower than the downloads. Accumulating has never been easier, and my shelf space never tighter.

- Steven Hyden on The CD Case « (via thisistheverge)

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Multicolor and Contemporary Interior in Portugal

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Rocketskates blast through Kickstarter goal.

Finally, the future has caught up with your feet.

Rocketskates are electric, motorized skates that strap on over your normal shoes. Each skate has two hub motors controlled by an on-board microprocessor, and are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The skates communicate with each other so they maintain the same speed and behavior. 

Instead of relying on a remote control, the skates rely on the rider leaning back or forwards on the ‘lead skate’ to control speed, sort of like Segways for your feet. For safety, the skates don’t start until you push off and start rolling.

Wearers are still able to walk short distances while wearing the skates to climb stairs or cross gutters or get around puddles - while the skates can handle a splash of water, they’re not officially water proof.

The skates also connect to a smartphone to allow route tracking, skate diagnosis, battery status, games, and social interactivity, with the app showing other Rocketskaters if they appear on your local map. The lead skate can also be controlled via the smartphone app.

The Kickstarter campaign raised enough funds with a couple of days to allow the company to place an order with the factory, and expects to start shipping in October this year.

Get in here to get your own - it looks certain that both stretch goals will be reached meaning free backpacks and helmets for all backers.


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